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Survival Uses

We all know that paracord has uses in survival situations.  Here are some ways in which paracord has been known to be useful and potentially save lives: Emergency Shelter: Paracord can be used to construct emergency shelters by tying branches, tarps, or other materials together, providing protection from the elements. Building Rafts: In a survival situation near water, paracord can be used to lash together logs or other buoyant materials to construct a makeshift raft for crossing rivers or lakes. First Aid: Paracord can be used as tourniquets, splints, or slings in first aid situations to immobilize limbs or stop bleeding. Securing..  - Read More

101 Paracord Uses

Here's a list of 101 ways you can use 550 paracord: Create survival bracelets. Make keychains and lanyards. Craft dog collars and leashes. Build hammocks and hammock straps. Craft belts and belt loops. Make zipper pulls for bags and jackets. Create stylish necklaces and chokers. Fashion a paracord watchband. Craft a paracord rifle sling. Make paracord handles for tools. Create paracord knife wraps. Build a paracord fishing net. Make a paracord wallet. Fashion paracord earrings. Create paracord hair accessories. Make paracord coasters. Craft paracord coasters. Create a paracord camera strap. Make a paracord headband. Craft a paracord phone case. Create..  - Read More

Magnetic Clasps

We just received in some metal magnetic clasps.  The magnetic locking clasp is perfect for 1 strand of paracord to fit into it.  Simply cut the paracord and secure it into the clasp with super glue.  It's great for making single strand bracelets.  The neodymium magnets are super strong and the rotating lock helps it stay secure to your wrist. Dimensions: Hole opening: 4mm (perfect size for 550 paracord)Length: 5/8" (15mm) Sold as a: 5 Pack10 Pack20 Pack50 Pack You could even cut the paracord to wrap around your wrist 3 times and use the clasps to finish it.  These are..  - Read More


Thank you all so much for visiting the new Here you will find bulk paracord supplies and super high quality paracord creations.   As the site grows, so will the product offerings.  Bulk buckles will be one of the first expansions for the site. Again, thank you for checking it out and I hope you return very short  - Read More

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