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Paracord Grab Bag

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Grab bags are a great way to get top quality 550 paracord at a DEEP discount.  The grab bags are 2 pounds each* and contain roughly 400 feet of paracord.  Colors and lengths of cord vary, ranging from 25 feet to 100 foot hanks.  

You've never seen a deal like this:


Now, a little about the cord itself:

Our 550, Type III Parachute Cord is tough! Made with 100% raw nylon materials combined with a minimum of 550lb breaking strength this Paracord is the "Real" 550 cord.

Paracord has literally 100's of survival applications as well as many apparel applications. Whether you carrying it around in your pack or wearing it on your wrist, paracord is the one thing you do not want to be without. It is available in many different colors, and patterns and also in several different lengths.   

The Nitty Gritty:

  • 550 Survival Paracord - Type III Commercial Grade
  • Made in the USA by an official Government Contractor
  • 7 Inner Core 100% Nylon Strands
  • Approximately 1/8" in Diameter
  • 550 lb. Minimum Break Strength
  • Quick Drying All Weather Cord - Will Not Rot or Mildew

(Note: All 550 Paracord Grab Pack sales are final. Grab Packs may not be returned.)
* +/- .1lb

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