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Shock Shoe Laces Kit - Multiple Colors

Price $ 9.99

 This is a wonderful way to keep shoes tightened. Simply use the lacing needle that in included in the kit to lace the shoe with the elastic cord. Then use the included super glue to attach the finishing ends onto the cord.

These laces are perfect for kids, parents, runners, golfers, seniors, and anyone else who wants a snug fitting shoe that never has to be tied. It is incredible how the shoe fits when there is a comfortable snug pressure around your foot. It is something you have to try in order to understand the higher level of comfort.

This kit includes:

(2) 50" Laces
(2) Spring Loaded Dual Hole Locks
(2) Cord Finishing Ends
(1) Internally Threaded Lacing Needle
(1)Tube of Super Glue
(1) Video Tutorial

We are the only company who offer the PRICELESS threaded lacing needle and super glue to finish your laces. Without the lacing needle it can be very difficult to lace the shoe. Simply twist the cord into the threaded lacing needle and lace the shoe. Then, finish the laces by using super glue to ensure you will never lose the Finishing Ends.

Adjust the Tension: Simply press the button on the Dual Hole Lock and pull the cord tight to tighten. Reverse the procedure to loosen.
Increased Comfort and Support: Think of your entire foot being hugged. This is a feeling you will not get with regular shoe laces.
One Size For All: That's right! Each kit comes with 50 inches of cord for each shoe. So, whether it's for an adult or child's shoe, you will have plenty of cord to finish.
Easy Installation: The kit comes with a Video Tutorial that you can watch on any smart phone or computer. The easy step-by-step guide will help you if you get stuck.
Element Resistant: Every day shoe or your sports shoe, the Shock Shoe Laces will stand up to the elements. They are UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and will not rot.

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